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Physical Therapy Billing Services

Increase your PT Billing revenue by up to 20% with our EMR expertise. Express MBS is not an average billing company. We’re financial boosters, delivering a 99% success rate. Your dedicated billing specialist is ready to supercharge your clinic’s success!

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Physical Therapy Billing Services

Discover the unparalleled expertise of our Physical Therapy Billing Services at Express MBS. With a primary focus on billing for physical therapy services, our dedicated team tackles denials problems head-on, ensuring that your clinic’s revenue flows seamlessly. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to accountability, guaranteeing that every claim is handled with precision and transparency.

What sets us apart is not just our competitive pricing, but our dedication to delivering value beyond measure. Our billing analytics are second to none, offering insightful data-driven solutions that empower your practice to thrive. Trust us to navigate the intricate landscape of billing for physical therapy services, and unlock the potential for financial success that your clinic truly deserves.

Claim Success & Focused Patient Care

Our Expertise in Physical Therapy Billing Services

Experience the Perfect Balance: Claim Success & Focused Patient Care. Our Expertise in Physical Therapy Billing Services will lead you to billing excellence to meet patient-centered care, ensuring your practice thrives.

Revenue Maximization

We're committed to elevating your clinic's financial health. Our experts proactively identify potential revenue optimization opportunities, implement strategies to enhance collections.

Denial Management

Claim denials can be costly and time-consuming. Our denial management experts meticulously review and address denied claims, identifying root causes and pursuing appeals vigorously.


For Government & Commercial Payers

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Best Physical Therapy Billing Services

Extraordinary success with Express MBS, offering the best Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services. From claim submission to handling rejections & denials, we ensure precise financial management. Our AR follow-up calls and payment posting guarantee efficient revenue flow, while clear patient statements enhance transparency.

Our expertise extends to engaging in relentless accounts receivable follow-up calls with insurance companies, leaving no revenue stone unturned. With precision and dedication, we execute payment posting seamlessly, while ensuring patient statements are clear and transparent. At Express MBS, we don’t just provide physical therapy billing services; we deliver an experience that empowers your practice to soar beyond limits.

Medicare and Medicaid Credentialing
Commercial/ Private Insurances
NPI Registration Type I and II
CAQH Registration & Maintenance
Hospital Privileges
Provider State License
DEA Certificate & Renewal
CLIA Registration
Standards in Billing Excellence

Our Physical Therapy Billing Process

At Express MBS, we have set the gold standard in billing excellence. Our PT Billing is your ticket to financial success—simple, effective, and tailored to your practice.

In the first stride towards billing brilliance, we gather your billing information with precision. Our experts ensure that every detail is crystal clear, setting the stage for error-free billing and maximum reimbursements.
Claims Mastery
Our second step involves mastering the art of claims submission. We navigate the complex billing landscape, swiftly submitting claims that work seamlessly. This ensures that your reimbursements flow in like clockwork.
Denial Defense
Step three is all about safeguarding your revenue. Our experts are on the frontlines, defending against claim denials. We review, appeal, and fight for your practice's hard-earned money, ensuring it doesn't slip through the cracks.
Revenue Growth
The final step is where you witness the magic unfold. With a sharp focus on revenue optimization, we help your practice grow financially. We uncover potential revenue streams, fine-tune coding, and make sure you capture every cent you deserve.

Our Approach to Physical Therapy Billing

Our team of medical billing and coding virtuosos is here to transform the way you perceive physical therapy billing. With clients spanning in different states, from hospitals to physician practices and esteemed medical billing companies, we bring you unparalleled expertise and innovation.

The Coding Pioneers

Our coding champions, well-versed in ICD-9/10, CPT, and HCPCS coding, navigate the intricate coding landscape with finesse. They adhere to CMS and AMA guidelines, ensuring accuracy and compliance in every code.

Tailored Accuracy

We don't just process claims; we craft personalized billing strategies tailored to your unique needs. Our approach combines precision with the human touch, setting new standards for efficiency.

Stream Revenue

We don't stop at billing; we aim for revenue optimization. Our team uncovers hidden revenue streams, fine-tunes coding practices, and guarantees you capture every penny you deserve.

Client Excellence

our success is our success. We go above and beyond to ensure our physical therapy clients are not just satisfied but thriving. Our client-centric approach is the compass guiding our billing revolution.

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Whether you have inquiries, require personalized assistance, or are ready to embark on a billing journey with us, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate the world of billing excellence in the field of Physical Therapy. Get in touch today, and let’s chart the course to your practice’s financial success together.


Committed to Your Practice Success


Proven Results, Not Promises

We've increased revenue by up to 30% for our clients, turning billing challenges into opportunities for financial growth.


Accuracy at the Core

With a 99% accuracy rate in coding and claim submission, our expert team ensures you get every penny you're entitled to.


Speedy Claims, Swift Reimbursements

Our swift claims submission process shortens reimbursement cycles, helping you receive payments up to 40% faster.


Personalized Billing Strategies

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all. Our customized billing strategies for you billing cater to your unique practice needs.


Exceptional Client Satisfaction

95% of our clients report exceptional satisfaction with our services, reflecting our unwavering commitment to client success.


HIPAA Compliance

Rest easy with our 100% HIPAA-compliant practices, ensuring the utmost security and privacy of your patient data.

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