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Maximize Your Practice Revenue

A Leading Medical Billing Company in Florida

Express MBS the top medical billing company in Florida with over years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). We are renowned for our quality work, professional resources, and dedication to increase clients’ revenue. Contact us today to stay ahead in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.
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  • Complete Practice Audit
  • Specialty Specific Billing Staff
  • Complete on Provider's EMR/EHR

Grow 2X Faster with Express Medical Billing Services

We specialize in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and related processes, to double your practice’s patient count and collections. Our expert team handles everything from technology to clean claim submissions and regulatory compliance. This helps practitioners minimize management efforts and costs, allowing them to focus on their primary objectives.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Streamline your medical clinic operations and cut overhead costs by up to 45%. By outsourcing billing and related administrative tasks, you can reduce in-house staffing needs, IT infrastructure, and expenses.

Get Paid Faster with Express MBS

With Express MBS, you can receive payments faster and reduce overall accounts receivable. We ensure quick reimbursements for better financial growth. Please speak with our billing expert to optimize your collections.

Completely HIPAA Compliant

Trust us with your billing needs, knowing that all our RCM processes are fully HIPAA compliant. Our team stays updated with regulatory changes and meets all standards. Rest assured, your billing is in safe hands.

Zero - Spending First Month

Experience our exceptional services without any financial commitment. Our easy sign-up process helps you get started quickly. Receive a free initial practice audit and begin your journey with us.


Medical Billing Company For Small to Large Sized Practices

Whether you run a small practice, manage multiple locations within a state, or operate numerous healthcare centers across the United States, in-house billing exposes you to billing complexities, compliance issues, and regulatory challenges. These problems lead to delayed payments, insurance audits, and unwarranted claim denials. This can overwhelm healthcare providers, compromise patient care, and reduce collection ratios.

Partnering with a knowledgeable medical billing company is essential. At Express MBS, our professionals minimize all risk factors, ensuring you don’t have to worry about each claim. This allows you to focus on providing quality care to patients. Our dedicated account manager handles the details and creates a tailored strategy to help increase your collections and stability.

Ready to make a change? Please schedule a consultation call with our expert to discover the best billing strategy to double your patient count, reduce risk factors, and boost your revenue.


Our Medical Billing Services

Put your practice’s financial success first! With full service medical billing company by your side, we aim to optimize revenue , reducing complexities for you and your healthcare staff and ensure seamless billing operations.

Medical Billing Services

Our managed medical billing services ensure that your practice receive the highest possible collections while lowering denials ratio. We manage your account, not merely watch over it.

Provider Credentialing and Enrollment

We ensure your providers are credentialed with insurance companies, allowing a seamless start to serving patients. Trust us to handle the paperwork so you can focus on your patients.

Patient Billing and Invoicing

Enhance patient collections with our RCM staff. Our patient billing and invoicing services ensures a smooth payment experience for your patients and front desk staff.

Medical Coding Services

Our certified coders offer personalized ICD-10 CPT and HCPCS coding and are well-versed in the latest coding guidelines, ensuring precise code assignment and reduced claim rejection.

Virtual Assistance

Optimize efficiency with our virtual assistance services. Our skilled team seamlessly adopts into your workflow, managing administrative tasks, appointment scheduling, and more.

Adds on Administrative Services

From managing records and documentation to handling insurance verifications, we streamline administrative processes, freeing up valuable resources for your core mission.

Our Expertise on Medical Billing Solutions

Take Charge of Your Revenue Cycle with our hand on expertise on medical billing solutions that are meticulously crafted for your specialty hosting some built in features that are in accordance to your specialty needs for streamline billing operations.

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Complete Medical Billing for All Healthcare Specialties

At Express MBS, we focus on your specific healthcare specialty. Our expertise in revenue cycle management supports a wide range of medical specialties, including Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Cardiology, and more. We recognize that each practice is unique, so we tailor our billing services to meet your specific needs.

With extensive experience across various medical specialties, we are industry leaders offering unparalleled RCM services to clients of all sizes. Unlike traditional medical billing providers in Florida, we create customized billing strategies that drive exceptional revenue growth.


Our Certification and Compliance

Express MBS boasts the highest standards of excellence as a certified CPB & CPC from AAPC. We uphold the highest standards of HIPAA compliance for the utmost security and privacy of your practice.

HIPAA Compliance
CPB Certified
CPC Certified


Our RCM Medical Billing Company Work For

Whatever your practice type or size, trust in our expertise to elevate your revenue cycle. Our top-notch RCM services that cater to individual practitioners, groups, and all practice types.

Individual Practices

Individually practicing healthcare professionals can count on our custom tailored RCM services to optimize their revenue cycles. With an acute understanding of medical billing and coding intricacies, we ensure accurate claims submission, prompt follow-ups, and efficient payment posting, all contributing to seamless financial operations.

Group Practices

For thriving group practices, we deliver streamlined billing synergy along with robust revenue cycle analysis that maximizes profitability. With centralized billing processes and customized reporting, we empower group practices to achieve collective triumph.

Nursing Practice

Nurse practices find their perfect ally in us, as we understand the critical role they play in patient care. Our billing experts ensure meticulous documentation and seamless communication with payers, securing the deserved reimbursement for their vital services, empowering nurses to focus on what they do best.

Urgent care

With urgent care centers, speed is of the essence. Our billing expert’s are well-versed in the urgency of their billing requirements. We optimize revenue cycles to match the pace of their services, ensuring prompt claims processing and zero financial bottlenecks which help them to focus on providing the best care possible while leaving rest to us.


From managing extensive claims volumes to navigating complex medical billing regulations, we provide unwavering compliance practices and strategic financial analysis. This elevates hospital revenue to its fullest potential.

Other Type

No matter the specialized services, we craft customized billing strategies to suit their distinct services. Be it a HMO practice or PPO, with us as your billing partners makes the way for an accurate and hassle free billing process. Our adaptability and versatility make us the ideal partner for diverse practices seeking exceptional revenue management.


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We are Express Medical Billing and Coding Company

Being customer-focused is important to us. Our goal is to offer dependable services that enable your business to maximise its investment. Express MBS is one of the best medical billing outsourcing firms in the US, providing the go-to solution for all kinds of healthcare organisations, no matter how big or small, how many doctors are involved or how big the practise is. Healthcare workers may handle all regulatory difficulties without stress thanks to Express MBS’s practical solutions. We provide the following services with a team of certified experienced medical coders and medical billing specialists:


Among Top Medical Billing Companies in Florida

Don’t Settle for Average Results, Entrust you billing needs to Express MBS. We are among the top medical billing companies in Florida that offers outstanding results unfold before your eyes.

99% Claim Acceptance Rate

Experience an outstanding 98% claim acceptance rate, ensuring minimal claim denials and maximizing revenue for your practice.

24/7 Access to Account Manager

Stay informed and in control with 24/7 access to your billing allowing you to monitor your revenue performance.

No Long Term Contracts

Enjoy the flexibility of our service without lengthy contracts, giving you the freedom to make the best decision for your practice

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  • Complete Practice Audit
  • Specialty Specific Billing Staff
  • Complete on Provider's EMR/EHR