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Hold what you’re owed with our Rehab Medical Billing Services. Our experts ensure accurate coding, faster claim processing, and outstanding customer support for maximum revenue and patient satisfaction.
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Rehab Medical Billing Services

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Expert Rehab Billing and Coding Services for Your Practice

With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare billing, it's a daunting task to stay on top of the myriad of coding and compliance regulations. Inaccurate billing and coding can lead to revenue loss, while the administrative burden can divert your focus from providing exceptional patient care.

Express MBS offers Rehab Medical Billing and Coding Services. We diligently assess all charges for completeness and accuracy, perform thorough checks on claims prior to submission, and ensure daily posting of ERA and EOB payments. Our daily charge entry ensures efficient management while we also identify and manage secondary balances and patient responsibilities. Our services encompass comprehensive claim and AR follow-up, with a specific focus on addressing denied claims.

Our solutions are designed to guide you toward enhanced profitability, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best – delivering exceptional patient care. While we handle the complexities of rehab billing with precision and excellence, you have the flexibility to use your own software or ours. Our services are geared towards streamlining your practice's financial operations and optimizing revenue.

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Coding Compliance
Claim Scrubbing
Payment Posting
Charge Entry
Patient Balances
AR Follow-Up
Denial Management
Financial Streamlining

How Our Expertise in Rehab Billing Supports Therapists

Express MBS’ Rehab Billing Expertise and Services Support Therapists in Maximizing Revenue and Minimizing Denials.

Payments Issued to Patients

Patients often receive payments directly from insurers, posing a risk of non-payment for rehab services. We ensure patients correctly utilize these funds.

Billing Errors from Insurer Identification

Mistakes in identifying the right insurer or its subsidiaries can lead to rejected claims, especially within complex insurance networks. We prevent these errors.

Procedure-Diagnosis Code Mismatch

Incorrect codes or procedures may result in claim denials, classifying treatments as medically unnecessary. Accurate coding is our key to avoiding rejections.

Missed Billable Opportunities

Unbilled consultations, whether remote or in person, significantly impact rehab facilities' revenue. We ensure no billable opportunity goes unnoticed.

Lost Revenue from Lack of Follow-up

Claim rejections often go unaddressed due to coding complexities, resulting in substantial revenue losses. Our follow-up procedures mitigate this risk.

Insurance Network Changes

Changes in insurance networks can create challenges. We ensure accurate coding and claims submission to avoid denials and protect your revenue.

Efficient Primary Care Billing Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Maximum Revenue and Minimal Denials

Our expertise guarantees that you receive the highest possible reimbursement while minimizing claim denials.

HIPAA Compliance Protection

We strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations to protect patient data and ensure the highest standards of security.

Over a Decade of HIPAA-Compliant Expertise!

Practice Management, EHR/EMR Solutions

Enhancing Rehab Medical Billing: Minimizing Denials and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Our streamlined Rehab Billing Solutions encompass a comprehensive approach that ensures accuracy and efficiency throughout the billing process. We excel in identifying and managing secondary balances and patient responsibility, leaving no financial stone unturned. Our dedicated team conducts complete claim and accounts receivable follow-up, with a specific focus on addressing denied claims.
At Express MBS, we meticulously verify and validate all documentation and code combinations, cross-checking against compliance standards such as National Correct Coding Initiatives (CCI) edits, Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs), and frequency allowances. Our expertise extends to the ICD-10 coding system, ensuring that your coding practices are accurate and up-to-date.
Maximum reimbursement
HIPAA compliance
Reduced operational costs
Reduced insurance errors
Regular QA checks
No hidden costs or start-up fees

Our Distinct Rehab Billing solutions

Our Rehab Billing experts bring over a decade of HIPAA-compliant experience to ensure timely and precise coding services. We take care of complex coding, accurately translating diagnostic and treatment procedures into the relevant codes.
AAPC-Certified Experts
Our AAPC-certified coders handle a wide range of coding complexities, ensuring that all diagnostic and treatment procedures are correctly translated into the relevant codes.
Thorough Code Verification
Our team meticulously verifies and validates all documentation and code combinations, cross-checking against National Correct Coding Initiatives (CCI) edits, Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs), and frequency allowances for compliance.
Proficiency in ICD-10
Our AAPC-certified coders are well-versed in the ICD-10 coding system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date coding practices. We guarantee your practice will grow 2x faster within a short time period.

How We Manage Your Rehab Medical Billing Complexities

With our structured approach, Express MBS takes care of the complexities of rehab billing, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care while we manage the financial intricacies with precision and excellence.
Personalized Solutions
We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your practice's needs are met efficiently and effectively.
Revenue Optimization
Our services are designed to maximize your revenue potential by identifying and addressing missed billable opportunities and minimizing claim denials.
Compliance and Accuracy
We strictly adhere to HIPAA compliance and maintain the highest standards of accuracy in coding and billing practices, safeguarding patient data and reducing insurance errors.
Transparency and Flexibility
We provide transparent reporting and offer flexible contract terms, allowing you to stay in control of your financial operations without hidden costs or long-term commitments.
Unlocking Billing Success, One Step at a Time
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Get in Touch with One Of Our Rehab Billing Expert

If you want to explore partnership opportunities or require assistance with your billing needs, we are here to assist you. Please feel free to contact us using the provided information, and our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you with your inquiries and discuss how our services can benefit your practice. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your path to streamlined billing, increased revenue, and practice growth.

Specialized Billing for Diverse Rehab Specialists

At Express MBS, we understand that different rehab specialists have unique needs. Our specialized billing services are tailored to diverse providers, ensuring precise claims processing and empowering therapists to dedicate their time to exceptional patient care.


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

We adeptly handle the intricacies, ensuring precise claims processing and allowing therapists to prioritize patient care.


Addiction Recovery & Substance Abuse

Our services guarantee smooth payments, empowering providers to place patient care above the challenges of billing.


Therapy for Rehabilitative Services

We expertly manage the intricacies of billing, ensuring swift claims processing and trouble-free payments, enabling therapists to focus on their clients.


Neurological Rehabilitation

We navigate the intricacies of claims, ensuring accurate coding and freeing therapists to concentrate on their patients' progress.


Pediatric Rehabilitation for Children

We handle the complexities of claims, ensuring precise reimbursements and allowing therapists to dedicate their efforts to the well-being of young patients.


Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our team takes on the challenges of billing, ensuring smooth claims processing and enabling therapists to devote their time to sports injury rehabilitation.

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