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Boosting Practices Revenue by up to 30%

Make every dollar count with Express medical billing services for small practices. We not just manage your revenue; we multiply It. Speak to our medical billing consultant or sign up today for free billing trial.

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Nation Wide Medical Billing Services For Small Practices

Reduce Billing Errors & Achieve Accuracy

Comprehensive Medical Billing Audit

A decline in patient count, surging denial rates, and escalating A/R aging days are some of many causes that often signal revenue leakages in healthcare practices. Moreover, errors like misapplied ICD,CPT,HCPCS codes or non-compliance with state regulations can critically jeopardize your practice’s financial health – an outcome no provider desires. As a healthcare provider you can let your hard earned revenue slip off your grasp.

Rest easy, Express MBS medical billing audit services are here to fortify your billing operations. By harnessing the expertise of our professional medical billing and coding specialists, you gain crystal clear insights into the financial pulse of your practice. But we don’t stop at mere observation or evaluation. We actively identify areas of improvement, ensuring all necessary protocols and precautions are in place for a seamless billing journey. Our mission? Not just to assess, but to elevate every aspect of your billing process.

Ensure HIPAA Compliance
Identify Coding Errors
Minimize Claim Denials
Optimize Software Use
Prepare for External Audits
Increase Overall Revenue
Professional Revenue Cycle Management With Nationwide Reach

Our Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Elevate your clinic finances by entrusting your billing needs to Express medical billing company with our bespoke billing services for small practices that speak your practice language, designed to maximize your efficiency, and align precisely with your unique needs.

Hands on Expertise on Billing Software

Practice Management, EHR/EMR Solutions

Tailored Solutions According to Needs

Specialty Based Physician Medical Billing Services

At Express MBS we believe that the idea that a one-size-fits-all approach can serve all healthcare practices is a notion and we firmly reject it. Instead, we meticulously customize our physician medical billing services to fit your practice like those were specifically designed for you. We go beyond the conventional tasks of mere claim billing and payment posting; We aim  to maximize your reimbursement, ensuring you receive every dollar you deserve.

Our robust partnerships with top insurance payers across the USA empower us to extract the utmost value from your specialty, placing us at an unparalleled advantage. With experience spanning over 40 healthcare specialties, we’re not just equipped but primed to elevate your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). At Express MBS, it’s more than just a medical billing service; it’s a synergy of skilled personnel, refined RCM processes, and top tier technology, all converging to boost your returns through seamless billing.

Oncology and Related Specialties
Rehab and Behavior Health
Diagnostic & Treatment Center
Orthopedic Specialist
OBGYN & Acupuncture Billing
Podiatry, Cardiology and Pediatric
Ambulatory & Anesthesia RCM
Urgent Care & Emergency Rooms

Who We Work With

At Express MBS, our expertise resonates across the healthcare spectrum. From solo practitioners to major hospitals, our customized billing solutions power the financial backbone of varied healthcare entities.

Solo or Private Practice

We stood by the notion that personalize care require personalized billing so we empower solo practitioners with precision billing solutions that cater their unique needs and ensure they stand tall amidst industry giants

Group Practice

For group practices, we offer integrated billing solutions that synchronize with the  diverse specialties, so each member can benefit thus promoting financial growth and increase practice profitability.

A - Z Healthcare Specialties

Our expertise isn't limited; it's expansive. No matter your specialty you work for, from allergists to urologists, we have mastered the art of billing for an array of healthcare domains. Our medical billing services are attuned to the distinct nuances of each specialty.

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Dive into the future of optimized medical billing with Express.The clock is ticking, and opportunity awaits.Seize the moment, capture every dollar, and bolster your financial health. Schedule your free consultation with our practice management consultant today and witness the transformation in your revenue cycle

Why Choose Express Medical Billing Solutions


Enhanced AR Management

Through our professional medical coding and billing, we've slashed A/R days by an average of 40% for our clients, optimizing cash flow and ensuring you get paid faster. So Don’t let your revenue sit; let us manage, accelerate, and enhance.


Effective Denial Management

Denials can cut deep into profits & hurt your practice bottomline. Our approach has successfully overturned 90% of first-time denials, ensuring that rightful revenue lands where it belongs - in your account.


Reduce Operating Cost

Investing in us means investing in savings. See a 30% reduction in your operational costs with Express MBS. Our efficient systems and processes not only refine billing but also lessen unnecessary expenses.


Track Patient Payments

With our efficient patient statement services, track every payment seamlessly. Our clients experience a 50% improvement in tracking efficiency, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and promptness in patient payment processes.


Increase Patient Count

Through streamlined operations and reduced administrative burdens, You can see a surge in patient count by up to 20% as we always say more time for patients equals growth in both care and revenue.


Stay Up to Date with Regulation

We ensure a 100% compliance rate with latest healthcare regulations, keeping you aligned with the ever-changing legal landscape, and ensuring that your focus remains unwaveringly on patient care.

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