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Simplified Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services

Capture every opportunity to increase your insurance payments. Connect with a credentialing expert today to get simplified provider enrollment and credentialing services so you can focus on patient care.

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Why Provider Enrollment Services ?

In the healthcare industry, the meticulous journey from qualifications to “in-network” contracts demands expertise. Incomplete credentialing leads to missed billing and reimbursement advantages. At Express MBS, we offer comprehensive provider credentialing services designed to address these issues. Our proven expertise streamlines the entire journey, from verifying qualifications to securing “in-network” contracts. 

Our specialists understand the nuances of provider enrollment services. We ensure thorough primary source verification, CAQH assessment, and documentation, optimizing the chance of successful credentialing. Experience the power of unified medical insurance credentialing services with Express MBS. Benefit from direct billing opportunities, enhanced patient referrals, and preferential reimbursement rates.

Medical coding audit for billing efficiency

Our Medical Credentialing Services

Experience the assurance of Primary Source Verified Credentials through our best Medical Credentialing Service. With the best insurance credentialing services in the industry we can help you with direct billing advantages, amplified patient referrals, and optimal reimbursement rates through our unified approach.


For Government & Commercial Payers


Get Fast-Track Credentialing Services for Providers

Empower your practice with Express MBS, the leading name in credentialing and contracting services for Provider-Specific Specialties. As networks become more competitive, we are here to simplify the complex credentialing process, offering a specialized focus on behavioral health providers like Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), (LMFT), (LPCC) and more.

Our understanding of varying state designations ensures smooth licensure transitions and hassle-free navigation of credentialing intricacies. We pride ourselves on being well-versed in the challenges posed by “closed” panels, strategically positioning your expertise to gain access. With a blend of industry expertise and personalized support, we redefine credentialing success for specialized healthcare professionals.

Medicare and Medicaid Credentialing
Commercial/ Private Insurances
NPI Registration Type I and II
CAQH Registration & Maintenance
Hospital Privileges
Provider State License
DEA Certificate & Renewal
CLIA Registration

Our Physician Credentialing Services Process

Streamline success with our physician insurance credentialing services, focusing on Medical and Insurance Credentialing.

Step 1
Gather accurate documentation for seamless credentialing, enhancing your practice's credibility and growth potential.
Step 2
Payer Submission
Swiftly submit payer applications, ensuring prompt insurance panel inclusion for extended patient reach and optimized reimbursements.
Step 3
Enrollment Verification
Detailed enrollment verification, guaranteeing uninterrupted practice growth and patient care through seamless credentialing.
Step 4
Updates & Recredentialing
Ensure ongoing access to in-network opportunities with continuous updates and recredentialing, preserving your practice's credibility.

We Perform Credentialing Services For

As a leading medical billing company, our scope of expertise extends across a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals. Our Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services cater to the diverse needs of Healthcare Providers, ensuring their success.

Providers, PA & NPs

Express MBS recognizes the importance of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. Our credentialing services facilitate enrollment in insurance networks and increase your practice's growth potential. Let us handle the credentialing complexities while you focus on patient care.

Payer Credentialing

Express MBS offers physician insurance credentialing services for podiatrists (DPMs), enabling your practice to expand its reach and serve a wider patient population. We understand the specific requirements of podiatrists, ensuring that you're efficiently enrolled in insurance networks to provide foot and ankle care.


For physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs), Express MBS offers insurance credentialing services that address your specific needs. Our streamlined process ensures your inclusion in insurance networks swiftly, allowing you to provide quality care to more patients while minimizing administrative burdens.

Facility Credentialing

Our commitment to diverse healthcare professionals extends beyond the mentioned specialties. Express MBS is equipped to provide credentialing solutions for a wide range of medical practitioners. Our services simplify the credentialing process, boost your practice's credibility, and maximize your patient care impact.

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Connect with Express’ Medical Billing Consultant today to explore the specialized realm of medical provider enrollment. Our seasoned experts are dedicated to simplifying the complexities of provider enrollment, ensuring a seamless journey into insurance networks. Leverage our industry knowledge to navigate the process with confidence. Start your conversation now for tailored guidance and optimal practice growth.

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Express Insurance Credentialing Services


Reduce Out-of-Network Denials

Our proven methods minimize out-of-network denials, ensuring your practice's revenues remain consistent and predictable.


Improve Cash Flow

With meticulous attention to billing, we accelerate reimbursements, optimizing your cash flow for sustainable growth.


Increase Patients Referrals

Our efficient solutions translate to improved patient satisfaction, leading to more referrals and practice expansion.


Reduce Piles of Paper Work

Say goodbye to administrative burdens. We handle the paperwork, allowing you to focus on patient care and practice development.


Focus on Patient Care

By entrusting billing intricacies to us, you gain valuable time and energy to channel towards providing quality patient care.


Better Rate Negotiation

Our expert negotiators secure favorable rates, enhancing your practice's profitability and long-term financial health.

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