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Maximize Revenue with Geriatrics Medical Billing Services

Boost your revenue with specialized geriatrics medical billing services at Express MBS, where we blend expertise with precision to offer unparalleled revenue cycle management tailored for geriatric care.
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Geriatrics Medical Billing Services

Precision, Compliance, and Efficiency

Tailored Geriatrics Billing and Coding Services for Enhanced Efficiency

Geriatric billing encompasses unique challenges, rooted in the diverse medical needs of older patients. In geriatric care, billing complexities arise from the diverse and often chronic health conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and mobility issues, typical in elderly patients, who present with multiple comorbidities. The frequent updates in Medicare regulations add another layer of complexity and place a significant administrative burden on practitioners, making it challenging for providers to stay abreast of the latest changes and diverting their focus from patient care. 

This necessitates a comprehensive approach that spans various treatments and consultations, involving billing for services like cognitive assessments, pain management, functional status evaluations, and advanced care planning.At Express MBS, with our bespoke geriatrics billing and coding services, we stand equipped to alleviate these burdens. 

Our team is proficient in handling these diverse challenges, from routine office visits to complex procedures and treatments specific to older patients. With our tailored geriatrics billing services, our focus is to maximize reimbursement and reduce the administrative burden on healthcare providers, ensuring each claim accurately reflects the care provided.  

Comprehensive Billing Analysis
Advanced Coding Services
Insurance Eligibility Verification
Denial Management and Appeals
Customized Reporting and Analysis
Compliance and Audit Support
Patient Billing and Follow-up
Expert Solutions for Enhanced Revenue Cycle

Elevate Your Practice With Specialized Geriatrics Billing Services

Recognizing the sensitivity of elder care, Express MBS delivers specialized Geriatrics Billing & Coding Services, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and maximized reimbursement for geriatric healthcare providers through our deep understanding of geriatric billing codes and geriatric CPT codes.

Specialized Billing for Advance Care Planning

We focus on billing for advance care planning services, utilizing codes like S0257 and 99497, to ensure these critical discussions are aptly reimbursed.

Accurate Billing for Medication Reviews

Understanding the geriatric focus on polypharmacy, we offer precise billing for medication reviews, employing codes such as 1159F and 1160F for comprehensive claim submissions.

Advanced Software and AI for Seamless Geriatrics Medical Billing

Accuracy in Every Code, Assurance in Every Claim

Why Outsourcing Geriatrics Medical Billing is Your Best Move

The complexity of geriatric CPT codes and billing is undeniable. Accurate coding is essential, involving a detailed understanding of the various services and treatments unique to geriatric care. Inaccuracies in coding, particularly with codes like 99483 for cognitive impairment assessments or G0438 and G0439 for annual wellness visits is critical. Each code, including the complex HCPCS codes like S0257 for end-of-life care discussions or 99497 for advance care planning, demands precision. Misinterpretations or errors in applying these codes can lead to compliance issues and financial losses.
At Express MBS, our ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS Level II certified team, specializes in handling these complex geriatric billing codes, ensuring that each claim captures the essence of treatments provided, from routine check-ups to complex interventions. Express MBS’s commitment to accurate geriatrics coding and billing services extends to keeping up-to-date with the latest code revisions and regulatory requirements.
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Accuracy in Every Code, Assurance in Every Claim

Customized Geriatrics Medical Billing Service for Every Need

In the evolving industry of geriatric care, efficient management of medical billing is crucial. Outsourcing geriatrics medical billing to Express MBS ensures accuracy, compliance, and optimized revenue, freeing you to focus on patient care.
Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management
Express MBS excels in managing the entire revenue cycle for geriatric practices. From patient registration, insurance verification, to billing and collections, we handle each step with precision, ensuring maximized reimbursement and minimized errors.
Adaptation to E&M Code Changes
With recent E&M coding revisions posing challenges for geriatric practices, our team stays abreast of these changes. We skillfully manage coding for complex geriatric cases, ensuring correct use of codes like 99202–99215, and G0438–G0439 for optimal reimbursement.
Handling Medicare Complexities
Geriatric billing involves intricate dealings with Medicare. Our expertise in geriatric-specific codes and Medicare regulations, including understanding the impact of Medicare cuts, positions us to secure accurate reimbursements for our clients.
A Path to Greater Profitability and Efficiency

Transform Your Revenue Cycle with Our Expert Solutions

In our dedicated Geriatrics Billing and Coding Services, Express MBS combines expertise and precision to optimize the revenue management cycle for geriatric practices. We ensure accuracy and compliance in every step, maximizing revenue for geriatric practices.
Patient Eligibility Verification
At the outset, Express MBS meticulously verifies patient eligibility for geriatrics services. This crucial step ensures accurate billing for services like dementia care and physical therapy, avoiding denials and securing timely reimbursements.
Accurate Coding
We apply precise coding, including specific CPT and HCPCS codes for geriatric care. Our expertise in geriatrics medical billing service ensures accurate representation of complex cases like multimorbidity, streamlining the claims process.
Claims Submission
Express MBS excels in submitting claims with precision, adhering to geriatric-specific requirements. This includes handling Medicare intricacies and various geriatrics services, ensuring claims are processed efficiently and correctly.
Denial Management
Our team proactively addresses claim denials, a frequent challenge in geriatrics revenue management cycle services. We analyze and rectify denials, focusing on specific issues like medication review or cognitive impairment assessments.
Payment Posting
Upon successful claim processing, we manage payment posting with accuracy. We track payments for geriatric services, ensuring every aspect of the care provided, from advanced care planning to end-of-life counseling, is appropriately compensated.
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Ready to Elevate Your Geriatric Practice's Financial Health?

Let Express MBS take the helm of your geriatric billing and coding needs. Our expertise in geriatric revenue management cycle services ensures that your practice thrives financially while you focus on patient care. Contact us today to streamline your billing process and boost your revenue.
Comprehensive Management for Optimal Financial Health

Geriatrics Revenue Management Cycle Services for Maximum Returns

Empower your practice with Express MBS’s geriatrics revenue management cycle services. Ensure optimal financial performance through precise, compliant, and efficient coding practices, achieving heightened efficiency and an enhanced revenue flow.


Reduced Claim Denial Rates

Implementing our services significantly reduces claim denial rates. Our meticulous attention to CPT and HCPCS codes, especially in light of E&M coding changes, ensures accurate billing, minimizing denials due to coding errors.


Days in Accounts Receivable (A/R)

With Express MBS, your days in A/R will decrease as we streamline billing processes, ensuring swift and accurate claim submissions. Our expertise in geriatrics-specific codes like 99483 and 1125F translates into faster reimbursements.


Increased Cash Flow

By optimizing the billing cycle and reducing errors, we enhance your practice's cash flow. Our specialized knowledge in geriatrics billing, including managing complex Medicare reimbursements, ensures steady revenue streams.


Increased Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction improves as we handle billing complexities, allowing you to focus on patient care. Our understanding of geriatric billing needs means fewer billing-related patient queries and complaints.


Maximized Revenue per Patient

Our specialized geriatrics billing approach maximizes revenue per patient. By accurately coding for multifaceted geriatric services, we ensure no billable service goes unclaimed, thus enhancing revenue.


High Compliance Rate

We maintain a high compliance rate with our thorough understanding of geriatrics billing regulations and updates. This adherence to legal standards mitigates risk and upholds your practice's reputation.

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