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We Guarantee 66% Higher Revenue in Podiatry Billing

We simplify complex Podiatry billing, ensuring you get paid more. Trust us to handle medical necessity, coding nuances, and Medicare intricacies. Elevate your patient care and profits with Express MBS.
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We Address Unpaid Claims

Claim Optimization & Financial Stability in Podiatry Billing

Dealing with unpaid claims can be a major headache for healthcare providers. The lack of expertise in addressing this issue can result in financial instability, delayed revenue, and increased stress. At Express MBS, we are certified by the Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA) for our exceptional podiatry billing services. 

Our experienced team of billing professionals specializes in optimizing claims and ensuring financial stability for your practice. Our claim scrubbing staff boasts over 5+ years of experience in podiatry billing, guaranteeing precision and accuracy. We are well-versed in both CMS-1500 and UB04 medical billing for podiatry, ensuring that no claim goes overlooked. 

With a CSFAC-certified podiatry coding team, we assign exact foot care CPT codes, eliminating coding-related denials. Our track record includes 100% productivity and accuracy, with over 1000 claims billed per day. Plus, we stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving medical billing regulations of your state.

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Ensure HIPAA Compliance
Identify Coding Errors
Minimize Claim Denials
Optimize Software Use
Prepare for External Audits
Increase Overall Revenue
Footsteps to Financial Success

Podiatry Medical Billing Services for Your Practice Success

In our commitment to excellence, we delve into the essential aspects of Podiatry Billing. From prior authorization to accurate coding, we ensure that your billing process is streamlined and compliant.

Claim Scrutiny

Our thorough claim scrutiny process ensures that every claim is thoroughly reviewed, reducing errors and speeding up reimbursements.

Insurance Network Navigation

We excel at navigating the complex landscape of insurance networks, ensuring that claims are correctly routed and processed promptly.

Provider-Payer Relationship Management

Our team excels in payer relationship management, ensuring efficient communication and speedy issue resolution.

Expertise in Podiatry Q Modifiers

With profound expertise in Podiatry Q Modifiers, we manage claims with precision to enhance your reimbursement possibilities.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

We provide in-depth analytics and reporting, offering valuable insights to help you make data-driven decisions for practice growth.

HIPAA Compliance

We take HIPAA compliance seriously, ensuring that all patient data is handled with the utmost care and security.

Revenue Optimization Strategies

We create customized revenue optimization strategies that align with your practice's unique goals and challenges, driving growth and financial stability.

Patient Payment Management

We streamline and manage patient payments, making the process more understandable and efficient for both your practice and patients.

Hands on Expertise on Billing Software

Practice Management, EHR/EMR Solutions

A Surge in Podiatry Earnings: +45%

We Optimize Podiatry Billing By Preventing Denials & Ensuring Compliance

As a service provider catering specifically to healthcare professionals, we understand the significant challenges faced in Podiatry billing. Denials often occur due to various reasons such as coverage termination by payers, uncovered services, or reaching the maximum benefit for Podiatry services. 

Given the dynamic nature of insurance details, our team diligently verifies insurance and coverage specifics for each patient during every billing cycle. We not only ensure that insurance details are accurately checked but also take proactive steps to inform patients about non-covered treatments, preventing further denials. Moreover, our compliance with HIPAA standards is unwavering, safeguarding patient data throughout the billing and coding process.

We provide clear guidance for providers, highlighting critical points such as avoiding the simultaneous billing of specific CPT codes (11719, 11721 & G0127) to prevent inclusive denials. Furthermore, in cases where claims are denied even after using correct modifiers, we emphasize the importance of verifying against CCI edits and appealing with relevant medical records to rectify and resubmit claims appropriately.

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Oncology and Related Specialties
Rehab and Behavior Health
Diagnostic & Treatment Center
Orthopedic Specialist
OBGYN & Acupuncture Billing
Podiatry, Cardiology and Pediatric
Ambulatory & Anesthesia RCM
Urgent Care & Emergency Rooms

Billing Excellence through Q Modifiers

When it comes to Podiatry Billing, Q Modifiers can be your best allies. At Express MBS, we’ve mastered the art of using Q7, Q8, and Q9 modifiers to ensure you get the reimbursements you deserve. Here’s how we make it simple and precise.
Q7 Modifier: Your Class A Assurance
At Express MBS, we proudly offer the Q7 modifier, a symbol of our commitment to providing you with Class A Assurance in medical billing. We ensure top-tier service and accuracy, so you can trust that your claims are processed with meticulous care, reducing errors and securing your reimbursements.
Q8 Modifier: Precision in Class B Coordination
The Q8 modifier embodies our promise of Precision in Class B Coordination. We specialize in ensuring that your Class B billing processes are handled with utmost accuracy. This means eliminating errors, streamlining operations, and delivering precise, efficient claim submissions.
Q9 Modifier: Balancing Class B and Class C
Express MBS proudly offers the Q9 modifier, representing our skill in Balancing Class B and Class C billing. We excel at striking the perfect balance to ensure your claims are processed smoothly and efficiently. With this equilibrium, we minimize errors, optimize revenue, and enhance your billing operations.

Our Process for Podiatry Practice Management

We have simplified billing for mental health services so you can navigate it with ease. Our approach is designed to make your life simpler, ensuring that you can focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.
Step 1
Our team is CPC certified by AAPC and extensively trained in leading Medical Coding Software, ensuring precise and efficient coding practices.
Step 2
Proven success in processing claims with major commercial insurers such as UHC, WellPoint, Aetna, Humana, BCBS, Anthem, and government payers like Medicare.
Step 3
Medicare and Medicaid Policies
In-depth knowledge and experience in working with Medicare and understanding state-specific Medicaid policies for accurate billing.
Step 4
Cost Reduction & Operational Efficiency
Dedicated to reducing costs and improving clinical and operational efficiency, enhancing the financial health of your practice.
Step 4
AR Follow-up
Strong teams dedicated to thorough patient information collection, ensuring robust prior authorization and effective AR follow-up for streamlined billing processes.
Unlocking Billing Success, One Step at a Time

Billing Success Starts Here!

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Get in touch with our dedicated team for tailored Podiatry Billing Solutions. We’re here to collaborate, understand your needs, and pave the path to enhanced revenue streams and streamlined billing processes for your podiatry practice.

Empower Your Practice with Unrivaled Podiatry Billing and Coding

Our Podiatry Billing Services guarantees an efficient revenue cycle, setting the stage for competent and denial-free management.


Certified Expertise

Our team is CPC certified by AAPC and trained in leading Medical Coding Software, ensuring precision in coding practices.


Insurance Success

Proven track record in processing claims with major commercial insurers and government payers, facilitating smoother billing.


Medicare & Medicaid Proficiency

Profound understanding of Medicare and state-specific Medicaid policies, ensuring accurate billing processes.


Cost Reduction Focus

Dedicated to reducing costs and enhancing clinical and operational efficiency for improved financial health.


Prior Authorization Expertise

Strong teams focused on thorough patient information collection, ensuring effective prior authorization processes.


Coding Specialists

Certified professionals proficient in ICD-9/10, CPT, HCPCS coding, aligning with CMS & AMA guidelines for billing.

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