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Unlock Your Practice’s Full Potential with Tailored Pediatrics Billing

Reclaim your time, optimize revenues, and focus on what truly matters; providing quality pediatrics care. From coding clarities to vaccination billing, Express MBS got you covered.

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Pediatric Medical Billing Services

The Unique Nature of Pediatric Medical Billing

Expert Rehab Billing and Coding Services for Your Practice

Pediatric billing and coding is a specialized field. Unlike general medical billing, pediatric coding requires a granular understanding of age-specific services. Each age group, whether it’s a new patient less than a year old or an established teenager, has its specific set of pediatric CPT codes. Moreover, pediatric billing involves handling varied vaccine schedules, well-child visits, and the precise rules surrounding modifiers. Challenges also arise from comprehensive patient history management, well-child examinations, risk assessments, and behavioral interventions. These complexities can often lead to coding errors, resulting in missed or reduced reimbursements; a financial setback no practice wishes to endure.
At Express MBS, our dedication and expert handling of pediatric medical billing and coding optimize revenue cycle management, ensuring the highest level of reimbursement for services rendered. Our expertise spans the vast spectrum of pediatric care, from General Pediatrics to Pediatric Oncology and everything in between.
Ensure HIPAA Compliance
Minimize Claim Denials
Identify Coding Errors
Optimize Software Use
Prepare for External Audits
Increase Overall Revenue
Efficiency, Accuracy, and Expertise with Express MBS

Tailored Pediatrics Billing Services For Your Practice

From specific know-how in billing for newborns, well-child visits, nebulizer treatments to other pediatric procedures, our pediatric medical billing services are designed to increase your practice’s revenue. We serve various subspecialties, including cardiology, dental, orthopedics, infectious diseases, and more.

End-to-End Billing

Our comprehensive services manage every aspect of your billing, from insurance reimbursements to out-of-pocket fees from patients. We ensure that every service rendered is accounted for, maximizing your revenue.

Billing Across All Pediatric Specialties

Our adept professionals have a deep-rooted understanding of the nuances of various pediatric subspecialties such as Pediatric Endocrinology, Pediatric Diabetes, and Pediatric Gastroenterology etc.

Accurate Pediatric Coding

Each pediatric medical coder at Express MBS ensures the accurate application of complex pediatric codes, such as CPT 31500, 62270, etc, while integrating crucial modifiers to minimize delays, denials, and unwanted audit checks.

Denial Management & Follow-ups

Our service doesn’t stop at claim submission. We actively engage in denials management, analyzing reasons for denials and effectively appealing for re-evaluation, ensuring maximum revenue recovery from insurances.

RCM Management

From patient enrollment to physician credentialing, we ensure each step is optimized for efficiency and compliance, helping you reduce operational costs, achieve faster AR realizations, and elevate revenue.

Regulations & Notifications

With the latest regulations and compliance standards, including ICD-10, HIPAA 5010 compliances, and HCPCS codes, we ensure that your practice remains updated and adheres to the necessary legal and ethical guidelines.

Efficient Primary Care Billing Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Certified Staff

Our AAPC-certified team is proficient in coding for pediatrics, managing complexities such as vaccination records, age change documents, and adherence to government policies.

EMR Integration

We seamlessly integrate advanced billing software with your existing EMR systems, making them compatible, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Leading To More Personalized Billing Solutions

Integration Of Advanced Software and AI

Navigating the Maze of Pediatric Coding

Seamless Pediatric Coding and Billing For Your Practice

With rapid changes in medical practices, it’s easy to miss out on the latest pediatric coding guidelines. Each pediatric coder and biller at Express MBS is certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Being thoroughly proficient in ICD 10, CPT and HCPCS coding guidelines by CMS and AMA, our experts constantly update themselves to ensure accuracy, whether it’s New Patient codes like 99381, 99382, Established Patient ones like 99391, 99392, or the more intricate preventive medicine service codes.
Ensuring maximum reimbursement demands precise coding and flawless claim submission processes. Even slight inaccuracies can lead to denied claims, delayed payments, or reduced reimbursements. Our tailored and comprehensive medical billing approach from understanding state-specific policies, helps you successfully process your claims with both commercial and government insurers. With Express MBS ensure a smoother reimbursement process for your pediatric practice.
General Pediatrics
Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Pediatric Endocrinology
Adolescent Medicine
Clinical Genetics
Child Life Program
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
For Pediatricians, By Experts Who Understand

Personalized Expertise for Your Practice

With Express MBS you’re never a number; work with dedicated specialists who know your practice inside out.
Family-Centric Solutions
We offer streamlined billing for multiple siblings under one family account, ensuring accuracy, avoiding overlaps and discrepancies in family balances.
Exact Vaccine Management
At Express MBS, we emphasize the importance of correct billing for vaccines, ensuring the use of the right NDC numbers and diagnosis codes.
Pediatric CPT Code Precision
We offer tailored guidance on Pediatric CPT Codes, ensuring accurate age-group categorization and maximizing reimbursements for both new and established patients.
The Express MBS Transformation

What Practices Experience with a Dedicated Pediatric Billing Specialist like Express MBS

At Express MBS each pediatric billing code is processed according to pediatric billing guidelines. From initial patient enrollment to the final payment posting, we understand the life cycle of a pediatric claim.
Patient Enrollment & Scheduling
Ensure seamless patient onboarding and scheduling with our HIPAA-compliant services. Stay in control every step of the way.
Insurance Verification & Authorizations
Verify insurance benefits and secure authorizations. Confirm coverage, deductibles, and co-payments for pediatric services.
Precision in pediatric medical coding ensures optimal reimbursement. We maximize revenue potential with accurate charge entry and patient data.
Thoroughly examine ERAs and EOBs for precise payment posting. Maintain the integrity of your accounts, enhancing your revenue cycle.
AR & Denial Management
Keep AR days minimal with persistent follow-ups and proactive denial analysis. Rectify errors promptly, ensuring a seamless revenue flow.
Unlocking Billing Success, One Step at a Time
Make the Shift Today

Eager to Refine Your Pediatric Billing Approach?

Say goodbye to revenue leaks, compliance issues, and administrative headaches. Unlock the full potential of your pediatric practice with Express MBS. From newborn care to complex procedures, we’ve got you covered. Stay ahead with our up-to-date knowledge on regulations, codes, and insurance nuances, ensuring your practice is always compliant, and each claim is processed with utmost precision and care, uplifting your pediatrics reimbursements. 

Unlock Success with Express MBS

What Set Us Apart in Pediatric Medical Billing Services

At Express Medical Billing Solutions, our comprehensive strategies have distinct impacts on pediatric practices, ensuring optimal billing health and improved financial outcomes. 


Boosted Clean Claim Rate

With our meticulous approach to pediatrics medical coding, we significantly diminish billing errors. The result? An uptick in the number of claims submitted without hindrances or rejections.


Swift Days in Accounts Receivable (AR)

Say goodbye to extended waits. Our streamlined processes expedite payment collections, ensuring your AR days diminish considerably.


Minimized Denial Rate

Leveraging our expertise in pediatric billing codes, we address the root causes of claim rejections. This proactivity ensures a drastic drop in the denial rate, bringing in more consistent revenue.


Augmented Collection Rate

Express MBS believes in clear patient communication and precise billing practices. With these principles at the helm, you can expect a considerable rise in your overall collection rate.


Diversified Payer Mix

We assist in constantly reviewing your revenue sources, guiding you away from an over-reliance on a single payer, ensuring a more balanced and diversified revenue stream.


Compliance & Coding Accuracy

With our certifications in CPC, BCSC, CMRS, and CPEDC, you can rest assured of pinpoint accuracy in coding and unwavering compliance with billing regulations.

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