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Ensure Accuracy with Express Medical Coding Services

Enhance your claim accuracy with Express Medical Coding Services. Our aim is to boost your collections each month while reducing denial. Connect with our certified professional coders today.

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Increase Your Billing Efficiency with a Medical Coding Audit

Improving the billing process through a medical coding audit is not just about streamlining operations. It’s a critical step towards preserving the financial health of your medical practice. Any discrepancies in billing can dramatically reduce your practice earnings. Such inconsistencies can culminate in lost reimbursements, compliance issues, and the risk of expensive audits. 

Express MBS offers specialized Medical Coding Services, a robust solution to these hurdles. Through in-depth medical coding audits, our skilled team can identify and address errors that result in claim rejections, streamlining your billing process. No matter the frequency of your requirements, we integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to enhance coding precision.

Start elevating your reimbursement, minimize compliance concerns, and reinforce your practice financial foundation with our coding audits.

Medical coding audit for billing efficiency

Our Medical Coding Services

With Express MBS medical coding services, we ensure precise coding for claims, overcoming its challenges and keeping each medical provider up-to-date with current coding guidelines. Sign up today for our medical coding and auditing services to enhance your healthcare earnings!


Achieve billing perfection with our ICD-10-CM expertise. Optimize compliance and enhance accuracy on every diagnosis code.


Maximize your revenue potential with our expertise in ICD-10-PCS. Dive into procedural coding and navigate its complexities with ease.

CPT & HCPCS Coding

Optimize your medical billing with precise CPT & HCPCS coding. Elevate reimbursement rates through error-free procedure documentation.

Code Reviews

Experience top-notch code reviews to ensure accuracy and seamless claims submissions. Elevate your coding precision for an error-free claims process with us.

External Coding Audits

Boost your code's integrity with our independent external audits. Ensure compliance and best coding practices through our meticulous review process.


Our Certified Experts can Perform Coding on


Error Free Healthcare Coding and Consulting Services

Tackle the coding maze head-on with Access Healthcare’s innovative medical coding services. In the world of healthcare revenue, coding can be a perplexing challenge, diverting your attention from the patient-centric care you aim to provide. Our medical billing coding services ensure your revenue cycle operates seamlessly, from ICD-10 compliance to addressing evolving payer trends. Bid adieu to claim denials and backlogs while embracing higher quality of care.

Our medical coding consulting services reduce DNFB (Discharged Not Final Billed), enhance AR (Accounts Receivable) backlogs, and elevate care quality. Spend less energy on payment uncertainties and more on crafting exceptional patient experiences. With Access Healthcare’s back-office solutions, you can transform your RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) across multiple disciplines, optimizing your revenue cycle’s performance and reinforcing the focus on patients’ well-being.

Cardiology and Orthopedics
Neurology and Neurosurgery
Physical Therapy
Emergency Medicine
Radiology and Oncology
What Ever Comes Under A to Z

Our Medical Coding Process

Experience End-to-End Excellence, Seamlessly Navigate Our Full Medical Coding Process for a Comprehensive Experience

Step 1
Documentation Review
At Express MBS, we scrutinize medical records for precision in coding.
Step 2
Accurate Code Selection
Our experts adeptly pick codes reflecting diagnoses and procedures.
Step 3
Verification & Validation
Express MBS ensures codes align with clinical data through rigorous checks.
Step 4
Monitoring & Feedback
We provide continuous oversight, enhancing coding quality and accuracy.

We Offer Tailored Coding Services For

streamline operations with our best medical coding services, ensuring accurate billing and compliance for your unique healthcare needs. Our expert team adapts to your practice, maximizing revenue potential while you focus on patient care.

Private Practice

Enhance coding precision and streamline billing at your private practice with our expert medical coding services.

Surgical Centers

Elevate coding accuracy in surgical contexts, optimizing reimbursements through our specialized coding solutions.


Ensure meticulous coding for laboratory procedures, avoiding errors and maximizing revenue potential.

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At Express MBS, we are your trusted source for medical coding consulting services. Whether you’re seeking to optimize your in-house coding practices or considering outsourcing medical coding services, our expert consultants are ready to guide you. Get in touch today to explore how we can elevate your coding accuracy and operations and maximize your practice revenue.

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Among Top Medical Coding Companies

Discover the difference in choosing us, as we stand among the top-tier medical coding companies dedicated to boosting your healthcare revenue.


Reduce Claim Denials

Slash denials by 30% with our meticulous coding, unlocking smoother reimbursements.


Improve Payment Flow

Boost cash flow by 25% through precise coding, accelerating revenue cycles.


Keep it Legal and Regulatory

Stay compliant with 99% accuracy, avoiding penalties and legal hassles.


Avoid Potential Audits

Minimize audit risk by 95% with coding precision and compliance assurance.


Build Patient Trust

Enhance trust with 100% error-free claims, securing patient satisfaction.


Better Data Analytics

Harness 98% accuracy in coding for insightful data-driven decisions.

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