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Ensure compliant and efficient billing with Express MBS for allergy and immunology services. Our specialists guarantee timely reimbursements, resolving issues, minimizing denials, and maximizing your practice’s revenue.
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Allergy and Immunology Billing Services

Billing Complexities

Allergy And Immunology Medical Billing Services

When it comes to Allergy billing and providing quality Immunology Medical Billing Services, precise billing practices are required, that can encompass diverse procedures from percutaneous tests to complex immunotherapies. One primary challenge is the accurate application of multiple allergen testing codes, often leading to billing complexities due to varying insurer policies on test limits and reimbursements. The complexity further escalates with the varying rules for Medicare and private insurers, especially regarding allergen immunotherapy. These challenges often lead to claim denials and reimbursement issues, underscoring the need for specialized billing services.
Express MBS, with its focused expertise in Allergy and Immunology Medical Billing Services, offers bespoke billing solutions, correctly applying and managing the range of services from initial evaluations to the administration of allergy shots, tackling the exacting demands of Allergy and Immunology professionals. We ensure accurate, compliant billing processes to alleviate the administrative burdens, securing optimized reimbursement and enhance your practice profitability.
Accurate Coding for Allergy Testing & Treatment
Enhanced Patient Satisfaction
Enhanced Revenue Recovery
Data-Driven Decision Making
Streamlined Billing Process
Reduction in Claim Denials
Faster Payment Cycles

Allergy And Immunology Billing Services

Express MBS specializes in comprehensive Allergy and Immunology Billing Services. Our AAPC-certified team expertly manages coding, compliance, and reimbursement challenges. Utilizing deep industry knowledge, we deliver tailored billing solutions that maximize revenue and streamline operations for allergists and immunologists, enhancing their revenue cycle management.

CPT Code Expertise

We adeptly manage CPT coding for allergy testing (95004, 95024) and immunotherapy (95115, 95117), ensuring accurate billing for each specific allergen test and treatment.

Compliance with Medicare E&M

Our team is proficient in the 2021 Medicare E&M coding changes, optimizing billing for levels 3, 4, and 5 visits in Allergy and Clinical Immunology, aligning with Medicare standards.

Modifier Application

Expertise in applying modifiers, like -25 for significant, separate E/M services, guarantees comprehensive billing for concurrent allergy immunotherapy and evaluation management services.

Allergen Immunotherapy Billing

Specialized in allergen immunotherapy billing, we handle codes 95144-95170, ensuring accurate billing for single-dose vials and multi-venom treatments, tailored to individual patient therapies.

Antigen Preparation and Administration

We skillfully bill antigen preparation and administration, using CPT codes 95115-95117 and 95144-95170, reflecting precise dosage and administration specifics in allergy care.

Insurance Authorization and Coverage Verification

Our services include thorough insurance authorization and coverage verification, ensuring eligibility for varied allergy and immunology procedures, minimizing claim denials.

Documentation and Medical Necessity

We emphasize detailed documentation and establishing medical necessity, crucial for allergy testing and immunotherapy coverage, ensuring compliance and accurate reimbursement.

Customized Billing Solutions

Allergy and Immunology Billing Service Specialists at Express MBS design customized billing solutions, addressing your unique practice needs, patient demographics, and treatment modalities.

Software and tech

Accurate Codes, Accurate Bills

Precision Coding By Allergy And Immunology Billing Service Specialists

In the domain of allergy billing, marked by unique and complex coding demands, accuracy is not just a preference but a necessity. This field requires Allergy and Immunology Billing Service Specialists who are adept at handling specific CPT codes, ranging from 95004 for percutaneous tests to 95165 for allergen immunotherapy. The recent shift in E&M coding, coupled with the need for HIPAA compliance, further adds to this complexity. A slight misstep in code selection, such as the incorrect use of 95117 for multiple injections, or failing to keep up with Medicare guidelines, can lead to claim rejections, audits, and penalties.
At Express MBS, our AAPC certified team, proficient in ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS coding hold comprehensive grasp of CMS and AMA guidelines, bringing credibility and skill to Allergy and Immunology Billing Services. We resolve coding issues by thoroughly analyzing each case, applying correct codes, and utilizing our deep understanding of modifiers and recent E&M coding changes. We ensure that your billing process is not only compliant but also efficient and effective in securing timely reimbursements.
Developmental & Comparative Immunology
Allergy and Clinical Immunology Billing
Compliance with Payer-Specific Rules
Reproductive Immunology Billing
Evolutionary Immunology Billing
Precision in Modifier Application
Diagnostic Immunology Billing
Up-to-Date Coding Practices
Specialized Billing Services for Diverse Immunology Disciplines

Immunology Medical Billing Services

Express MBS offers tailored billing solutions for varied immunology disciplines, ensuring precise coding and compliance in Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Reproductive Immunology, Evolutionary Immunology, and Diagnostic Immunology.
Allergy and Clinical Immunology Billing
In Allergy and Clinical Immunology, we handle complex coding for skin tests (CPT 95004), immunotherapy (95165), and modifier application for concurrent E/M services, ensuring accurate claim submissions and optimized reimbursements.
Diagnostic Immunology Billing
In Diagnostic Immunology, we specialize in precise coding for complex diagnostic tests (e.g., CPT 95024), encompassing a wide range of immunological disorders. Our rigorous approach ensures thorough documentation and appropriate reimbursement for diagnostic services.
Reproductive Immunology Billing
Our expertise extends to Reproductive Immunology, managing specialized billing for unique treatments and diagnostic procedures. We ensure proper usage of specific CPT codes, aligning billing practices with the latest medical advancements in this field.

Outsource Billing Services

Outsourcing Allergy and Immunology billing to Express MBS means entrusting experts to manage complex billing cycles with precision. Our step by step approach is designed to maximize reimbursement, ensure compliance, and streamline your financial operations, enhancing overall practice efficiency.
Patient and Insurance Verification
Our initial step involves thorough patient data verification and insurance validation. We meticulously confirm coverage for Allergy Billing services, checking for specific codes like 95004 for percutaneous tests, ensuring eligibility and precise claim preparation.
Accurate Coding for Allergy Testing and Treatment
We apply precise CPT and ICD-10 coding for allergy testing and treatments, including codes for immunotherapy (95115, 95117). Our expertise ensures each code accurately reflects the conducted tests and treatments at your Allergy & Immunology Medical Center.
Claim Preparation and Submission
In this crucial phase, Express MBS expertly compiles and submits claims, incorporating essential data and adhering to payer-specific guidelines. This step is vital in avoiding denials for services like intracutaneous tests (95024) and immunotherapy administrations.
Adherence to Medicare E&M Guidelines
We stay updated with the latest Medicare E&M guidelines, ensuring that billing for patient evaluations and management at your Immunology Medical Billing Services aligns with current standards, maximizing reimbursement opportunities.
Detailed Documentation and Compliance Check
Express MBS emphasizes on detailed documentation, ensuring each service, from allergy testing to immunotherapy, is recorded accurately. Compliance checks are conducted to align with healthcare regulations, reducing risks of audits and penalties.
Unlocking Billing Success, One Step at a Time

Consult Our Billing Specialists On How To Maximize Your Revenue

Ready to transform your practice’s financial health? Don’t let billing complexities hold you back. Partner with Express MBS where our Allergy And Immunology Billing Service Specialists help you experience a streamlined, efficient, and compliant billing process that is tailored to your unique needs.

Enhance Your Revenue Cycle with Express MBS’s Allergy And Immunology Billing Services

Express MBS’s Allergy and Immunology Billing Services comprehensively enhance Revenue Cycle Management, streamlining financial workflows, maximizing reimbursements, and ensuring robust compliance, thereby elevating the operational efficiency of allergy practices.


Claim Denial Rates

A common reason for denials is errors in coding. By correctly applying CPT codes for procedures like allergen immunotherapy and leveraging modifiers, Implementing our solutions significantly reduces claim denial rates.


Days in Accounts Receivable (A/R)

Our expert billing strategies shorten the Days in A/R for Allergy and Immunology practices, expediting claim submissions and leveraging E&M coding changes. This results in faster reimbursements and improved cash flow.


Patient Satisfaction

Enhanced clarity in billing and compliance with Allergy and Immunology Billing Services leads to transparent patient communication, increasing satisfaction. Our clear invoicing reduces confusion over charges, enhancing the patient experience.


Coding Accuracy

Through precise application of specific Allergy Billing codes and compliance checks, we significantly improve coding accuracy. This ensures correct billing for each procedure, from allergy tests to immunotherapy, enhancing claim accuracy.


Compliance with Regulations

Our adherence to up-to-date coding standards, like the recent E&M coding changes, ensures compliance with healthcare regulations, reducing the risk of audits and legal issues for practices.


Revenue Per Patient

By accurately coding for complex allergen immunotherapy services (e.g., 95144-95170), Express MBS optimizes the revenue per patient. Correct billing maximizes reimbursement for administered treatments.

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