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Optimize Your RCM With Expert Oncology Medical Billing

Elevate your oncology practice to new heights of financial success and efficiency. Trust Express MBS for streamlined Oncology Medical Billing, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and maximized revenues. Experience the transformation towards a more focused and patient-centered practice today.
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Billing Complexities

Express MBS : Your Bespoke Oncology Billing Services Provider

Traditional billing approaches can fall short when it comes to addressing the specific needs of Oncology Billing. The daunting task of handling complex cancer treatment regimens, from chemotherapy to radiation, along with multiple billing cycles, and stringent compliance requirements, add significant strain on oncology practices. 

These burdens along with documentation, precise coding for diverse treatments, and staying updated with evolving oncology billing guidelines, can detract practices from patient-focused care, leading to administrative overload and potential revenue losses.

Such challenges require dedicated approach and expertise. Express MBS stands as a bespoke solution offering Oncology Medical Billing Services that caters specifically to the unique demands of oncology practices. We alleviate the burdens of complex billing, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and maximized reimbursements. 

Comprehensive Claim Review and Submission
Continuous Follow-Up and Revenue Collection
Financial Counseling and Patient Interaction
Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services
Adaptation to Regulatory Changes
Targeted Denial Management

Oncology Medical Billing & Coding Services

Express MBS offers tailored Oncology Medical Billing Services, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and maximized reimbursements for oncology practices. Incorporating these specialized services, we address the unique challenges of Oncology Billing, catering to the specific needs of oncologists with precision and expertise.

J-Code Utilization for Drug Billing

Expert application of J-codes for accurate billing of oncology drugs, aligning with ICD-10-CM diagnoses and FDA approvals.


Modifier -59 and Subset Usage

Proficient use of Modifier -59 and its subsets (XE, XS, XP, XU) for precise oncology service differentiation and compliance.


Comprehensive Chemotherapy Billing

Specialized in chemotherapy administration coding, including start/stop times, dosages, and concurrent infusion management.

E/M Service Reporting

Accurately report Evaluation and Management services alongside drug administration, like applying modifier 25 for separately identifiable visits.

Drug Administration Documentation

Comprehensive documentation for drug administration, detailing types, quantities, and wastage, crucial for Medicare compliance.

CPT Coding for Therapeutic

Implementing CPT coding standards for therapeutic and diagnostic injections, ensuring every oncology treatment is billed accurately.

Coding Audits

Conducting routine coding audits to align with evolving Medicare and CMS guidelines, ensuring up-to-date oncology billing practices.


Oncology Billing and Collections Optimization

Billing optimization, electronic claim submission, boosting oncology practices' financial health.

Medical billing proficiency

Where Every Code Counts for Quality Care

Tackle Oncology Coding Complexities with Ease

Oncology treatments are highly individualized, requiring practices to be adept in a range of Oncology Cpt Codes that accurately reflect each unique treatment plan. From various chemotherapy regimens, radiation therapy sessions to surgical procedures, each has their own subset of complexities. 

Furthermore, it is important to understand how to apply modifiers to depict bundled procedures, sequential therapies, and concurrent care, so that each aspect of the treatment is appropriately billed and reimbursed. Staying updated on changes in coding standards, compliance with the latest ICD-10 updates, and understanding payer-specific rules for claim submission are essential. Failing to comply can lead to claim denials, audits, and financial penalties.

By entrusting your oncology coding needs to Express MBS, you are not just ensuring accurate billing; your practice gets the highest standards of compliance and reimbursement. Our team of experts is trained in the latest oncology coding practices, ensuring that every aspect of treatment, from initial diagnosis to various stages of therapy, is coded accurately, supporting your practice’s financial health and allowing you to focus on patient care. 

Accurate and Up-to-Date Coding
Compliance Audits for Coding Accuracy
Modifier Mastery in Oncology Billing
Modifier -59 and New Subset Application
Accurate HCPCS/J-Code Application
Chemotherapy Administration Coding

Focus On Essential Elements in Oncology Medical Billing

Understanding the complexities of Oncology Medical Billing, Express MBS focuses on three critical areas to ensure accuracy and efficiency in financial management for oncology practices.
Specialized Chemotherapy Billing
Expertise in coding chemotherapy treatments is essential. Express MBS precisely applies HCPCS codes, such as J-codes for chemotherapy drugs, and manages the complexities of multi-faceted chemotherapy billing, crucial for oncology clinics.
Compliance with Oncology Billing Guidelines
Adherence to specific Oncology Billing Guidelines, including Medicare and private payer rules for oncology services, is paramount. We ensure that every claim meets the strictest compliance standards, mitigating audit risks and fostering reliable revenue streams.
Focused Radiation Oncology Medical Billing
Radiation Oncology Medical Billing demands distinct knowledge of radiotherapy procedures. Our team is adept in applying the correct CPT codes for radiation therapies, ensuring accurate billing for these specialized oncology treatments.

Streamlining Oncology Medical Billing with Precision

At Express MBS, we specialize in Oncology Medical Billing Services, integrating our deep understanding of oncology billing guidelines and practices to ensure comprehensive financial management for oncology practices.
Patient Eligibility Verification and Authorization
We begin with thorough eligibility checks, confirming insurance coverage specifics and obtaining pre-authorizations, vital for oncology treatments. This step ensures compliance with Oncology Practice Management standards and avoids future claim denials.
Accurate Coding of Oncology Services
Utilizing the latest ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS codes, our team meticulously codes each oncology service, including chemotherapy administration, drug dosages, and therapeutic procedures, ensuring every aspect of care is captured for billing.
Detailed Documentation and Compliance
Our focus extends to detailed documentation of each service, adhering to Oncology Billing Guidelines. This includes recording start/stop times for treatments, dosages administered, and any discarded drugs, crucial for Medicare compliance.
Claim Preparation and Submission
Preparing claims with precision, we ensure each is populated with the correct codes, modifiers, and billing units. Our expertise in Oncology Medical Billing facilitates timely submission of claims to various payers, optimizing the reimbursement process.
Unlocking Billing Success, One Step at a Time

Ready to Elevate Your Oncology Practice?

Transform the way your practice handles Oncology Medical Billing. Don’t let complex billing challenges hinder your growth. Connect with Express MBS now for a seamless, efficient billing experience that boosts your revenue and streamlines your operations. Click here to start optimizing your Oncology Practice Management with our expert services!

Transforming Practices with Specialized Oncology Billing Solutions

Implementing Express MBS’s Oncology Medical Billing Services propels Oncology Practices and Clinics towards optimized financial health. Through these impactful solutions, practices not only optimize their Oncology Revenue Cycle Management but also fortifies their overall operational efficacy.


Improved Claim Acceptance Rates

Our precise coding and thorough documentation practices significantly boost claim acceptance rates, reducing the frequency of denials due to coding errors, a critical aspect of Oncology Practice Management.


Enhanced Revenue Collection

With our specialized Oncology Billing Services, practices see a marked increase in revenue collections, owing to our meticulous claim submission and effective follow-up strategies.


Reduced Billing Errors

Our expertise in Oncology Medical Billing ensures minimal billing errors. This precision directly contributes to improved financial stability and reduced administrative burdens for practices.


Streamlined Administrative Processes

Adopting our solutions leads to streamlined administrative processes, allowing oncology practices to focus more on patient care rather than being bogged down by complex billing tasks.


Compliance with Changing Regulations

Our commitment to staying abreast of the latest billing regulations ensures that oncology practices remain compliant, mitigating risks associated with non-compliance in the dynamic healthcare landscape.


Increased Patient Satisfaction

By ensuring accurate and timely billing, Express MBS helps practices enhance patient satisfaction. Patients experience clarity and transparency in billing, reflecting positively on the practice's reputation.

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